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Unikatowy! - Dhofar 2066 - C-ung /10,6g

Basic information:

19°3.728’N, 54°44.665’E

Name: Dhofar 2066

State/Prov/County: Zufar, Oman

Classification: Carbonaceous chondrite (Ungrouped)

Observed fall: No
Year found: 2010
Mass - (TKW): 13g


Weight: 10,6g



Physical characteristics: Dark irregular stone. Cut surface reveals a dark-gray interior with well-defined chondrules.


Petrography: Well-defined chondrules (average apparent diameter 620±280 μm, N=25) set in abundant fine-grained iron-rich matrix. Olivine is the dominant mineral. No orthopyroxene was found. Opaque are mostly sulfides. Magnetite and metallic FeNi are also present. XRD of a 95 mg powdered sample (D. Borschnek, B. Devouard, CEREGE) does not reveal the presence of hydrous phases (serpentine, tochilinite) typically observed in type 2 chondrites using the same experimental setup.


Geochemistry: Olivine in the range Fa0.3-8.7, average Fa1.7±2.3 (N=10), CaO 0.30±0.14 wt%, Cr2O3 0.27±0.10 wt%. Olivine is zoned. Oxygen isotopic composition (J. Gattacceca, C. Sonzogni, CEREGE) from analysis of one acid-washed 1.6 mg aliquot of a powdered 60 mg bulk sample is δ17O=10.91, δ18O=21.97 , Δ17O=-0.55 per mil (linearized, slope 0.5247, analytical uncertainties 0.08, 0.12, 0.03 per mil respectively).


Classification: Carbonaceous chondrite (C-ung). Moderate weathering. The anomalous designation is based on oxygen isotopes, and unusual mineralogy (absence of orthopyroxene, olivine composition, metal abundance). Possibly paired with Dhofar 955 and Dhofar 735, found within 1 and 3 km, respectively.


Oxygen isotope composition of CI and CM chondrites.

Oxygen Isotope Plots



Photo gallery:

  • Unikatowy! - Dhofar 2066 - C-ung /10,6g
  • Unikatowy! - Dhofar 2066 - C-ung /10,6g
  • Unikatowy! - Dhofar 2066 - C-ung /10,6g
  • Unikatowy! - Dhofar 2066 - C-ung /10,6g
  • Unikatowy! - Dhofar 2066 - C-ung /10,6g


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