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JaH 804 - 96g

Name: Jiddat-al-Harasis 804
Classification: Eucrite

Country: Oman
Observed fall: No 
Year found: 2013 
Mass / (TKW): 4,4g 

Dimension: ~ 171x120x2,5mm
Weight: 96g 

PRICE: 864$

Petrography: (A. Irving, UWS; A. Wittmann, WUSL) Igneous texture with larger (>1 mm) grains of exsolved pigeonite and calcic plagioclase plus interstitial groundmass regions rich in finer plagioclase laths and vesicular glass. Plagioclase contains numerous blebs of troilite, and pigeonite consists of patchy zones of recrystallized Ca-rich and Ca-poor pyroxene. Some clinopyroxene and plagioclase occurs as symplectitic intergrowths. Other accessory phases are ilmenite, Ti-rich chromite, Ti-poor chromite, silica polymorph, and a single Ni-free Fe-metal grain. Secondary celestite and strontiobarite (crystals ~10 μm in size) are quite common.

Classification: Eucrite. This specimen is unusual because it has a vesicular groundmass, yet its oxygen isotopic composition is similar to those of most eucrites.